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Record, analyze, stream.



AI-powered follow-cam technology automatically follows the action of the game and provides you with a broadcast-like experience.

Portable and light

With a weight of 1.25 kilograms, you can bring the Veo Cam 3 anywhere and quickly move it from field to field.


The introduction of wind noise reduction and image stabilization gives you a clear and steady sound and picture.

Improved recording


Solid build

The rugged shell guards the camera surface against impacts and scratches with its edge rubber over-mold protection.

Sharp video quality

New generation lenses and the introduction of HDR ensure sharp video quality and vibrant colors on all recordings.

Ready for all conditions

The camera is built and tested to record at -10 °C to 44 °C. Rain, snow, or direct sunlight? Veo Cam 3 works in all weather conditions.

Connect to the world with 5G and Wi-Fi

Veo Cam 3 connects you to the world. Set up a live stream and control the camera with your smartphone. Veo Cam 3 gives you a seamless experience when using any of the camera’s wireless features.

The Veo Cam 3 has an improved control range. This means you can control the camera and watch instant playback on the phone without standing right next to it.

The fast and stable Wi-Fi connection means you can enjoy a fast and stable connection when you upload your recording after the game.

Control range, Wi-Fi

Live-stream with 5G

Veo Cam 3 is 5G ready, making the camera future-proof with the latest technology.

The camera contains redesigned and improved internal antennas. They provide long-range 5G signals and ideal conditions for a reliable stream. With these improvements, the Veo Cam 3 gives you a steady and reliable stream.

Watch your moments



With Instant Playback, you can stand on the sideline and rewatch the moments of the game right away. After the game, you can watch it in the locker room, your coach's office, or on the bus on the way home – with no waiting time.

Tag moments to review later


During the game, you can bookmark the moments you want to take a look at later. Do it with the simple offense/defense and good/bad matrix. Bookmarking allows you to memorize everything while staying focused on the game.

Start your post-match analysis


When the game is over and it’s uploaded to Veo’s online platform, you can start studying your performance in detail.
Veo’s AI automatically detects your highlights and remembers your bookmarks, so you can spend less time searching and more time analyzing.


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