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Become a certified professional coach by AFA and Conmebol through ATFA and Scouting Labs.
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How many licenses do I need to become a professional coach?

To earn the Pro License, candidates must first pass the preceding licenses in sequential order, from C to Pro. Each level builds upon the knowledge and skills gained in the previous stage, leading to eligibility for the Pro License after completing all prerequisite licenses. 

entrenador de futbol
Entrenador de futbol


Scope: Youth football up to 12 years old.
Length: 7 months.
Cost: USD 1.750,00

What will you learn in your first license?

  • Oral and Written Expression Techniques

  • Biologic and Physiologic Foundations of Sports Training

  • Introduction to Neuroscience

  • Psychological and Didactic Foundations of Sports Training

  • Physical Foundations of Sports Training

  • Basic Concepts of Technique and Training

  • Basic Concepts of Tactics

  • Pedagogical Foundations of Sports Training

  • Game Rules

  • Methodological Foundations for Organizing Children's Classes

  • Study Techniques for Final Exams

entrenador de futbol


Scope: Amateur football and youth development football up to 15 years old.
Length: 7 months.
Cost: USD 1.750,00.

What will you learn in your second license?

  • Neurosciences Applied to Training

  • Physical Preparation and Training I

  • Introduction to Sports Psychology

  • Technique and Training Applied to Youth Soccer

  • Rules and Refereeing

  • Tactical Systems and Training

  • History of the Country's Football

  • Sports Medicine

  • Teaching Practice

entrenador de futbol


Scope: Elite youth from under-16 and 3rd and 4th professional divisions.
Length: 12 months.
Cost: USD 3.000,00.

What will you learn in your third license?

  • Study Techniques for Content Integration

  • Biomechanics

  • Physical Preparation and Training II

  • Sports Psychology

  • Sports Management

  • Technique and Training applied to Youth and Professional Football

  • Sports Medicine

  • Technique and Training by Position

  • Player and Team Management

  • Tactical Application to Youth and Professional Football

  • Football Practice in Different Contexts

  • Tactical Strategy by Position

  • History of World Football

  • Talent Development

  • Football History, Systems

  • Rules and Refereeing

  • Training Planning

  • Study Techniques for Final Exams (to be completed prior to final exam)

entrenador de futbol


Scope: Professional football.
Length: 6 months.
Cost: USD 1.800,00.

What will you learn in your fourth license?

  • International Football: Cultural and Legislative Aspects

  • Physical Preparation and Training III

  • Human Resources Management

  • Training Applied to Professional Football

  • Psychology Applied to High Performance

  • Tactics Applied to Professional Football

  • Player and Team Management II

  • Sports Medicine III

  • Training Planning II

  • Performance Analysis Systems

  • Regulatory Updates

  • Strategic Planning

  • Sports Project


Where will I be able to work with my ATFA License?

You can process the homologation through AFA and thus obtain the Conmebol License. You will be authorized to work in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, and Venezuela.

Latino america
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How do I attend the different classes?

The current classes and final exams are conducted online. The material is available at all times, and students manage their own time. Additionally, students can coordinate with various instructors to clarify doubts or delve deeper into the course topics.

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