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Veo Cam 2

by Scouting Labs.

Easy set-up

Set up your Veo Cam 2 with a few touches and go live!

Step 1

Mount it

Fix the camera on the tripod or stadium mount. 

Step 2

Raise it

Elevate your camera to the sky for a great view.

Step 3

Enjoy it

Press record or start live-stream and enjoy the game!

Revolutionary Features

Veo Cam 2’s revolutionary features will take your game a level up.


128 GB storage - enough for more than six football matches.

Water resistant

Veo Cam 2 is water-resistant with an IP rating of 54.


Record more than four hours in one charging.

Record while charging

Charge Veo Cam 2 while it's recording and live-streaming.

Instant playback

Watch the action immediately in Veo's app.

Connect with 4G

You only need a SIM card with a 4G connection to live-stream from anywhere in the world.

Veo editor

The Veo Editor is included in all Subscriptions.
This tool allows you to
access the following benefits automatically, thanks to the powerful Artificial Intelligence system.

Tag Players & Comment

Tag your players in highlights and write team comments or private messages. Assist your coaching with video and make extraordinary progress.

Record everywhere all the time

Activate your Veo Cam with the subscription plan that suits you best.

All subscriptions grant access to the Veo Editor, the powerful Veo editing tool fueled by its artificial intelligence. A tip: the more months of subscription you get, the more money you save.


Team Subscription

Choose this subscription if you want to use the Veo Cam for one team.


  • Teams: 1.

  • Users: 30.

  • Storage: 12 months unlimited.  


Club Subscription

Choose this subscription if you want to use the same Veo Cam by more than one team in your club.

  • Teams: 5. 

  • Users: 150.

  • Storage: 12 months unlimited.


Enterprise Subscription

Choose this subscription if your needs are a little more than the ordinary.

  • Teams: 20.

  • Users: 600.

  • Storage: 12 months unlimited.       

Image by Ben Wiens

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